Even though many people are working from home during the pandemic, there is still a group of people who are making the trip from their homes to their work-sites. To support this group Moffett Park Business Group is offering up to $4 for every Waze Carpool that starts or ends in the Moffett Park.

While there may be some concerns with carpooling, Waze Carpool is suggesting:

  • Limiting carpools to 1 rider and the driver
  • Face coverings
  • Opening windows to increase air flow
  • Messaging prior to the ride

The good news is that there is no blind matching. The rider and the driver choose options that are best for them. With profiles, you can see who you are riding with, if you have the same workplace, and other details. You can even communicate with the driver or rider via a hidden phone number or text within the app.

To participate as a Waze Carpool Driver, simply open the Waze app and slide the pane left or click on the Carpool tab. Set up a profile and Waze will then suggest any current ride requests that align with your intended route.

As a rider, download the Waze Carpool app from Android or iOS. Complete a profile and begin finding rides.