Benefits of Membership

By becoming a member of the MPBG, you will receive the benefits of a collective voice to create a desirable place to do business.  Some of the programs and services we provide include:

Sustainability Focus and Power Reliability:  The MPBG brings members and relevant participants together to find solutions to problems that hinder their operations, or decrease efficiencies, which affect the bottom line.

Advocacy for Local and Regional Sustainability Projects and Commute Services:  We understand that a company does not operate within a vacuum.  With a unified voice, we create a bigger impact that helps bring about change.  The MPBG continually advocates on our members’ behalf to improve the services and infrastructure that affect the quality of your operation and the quality of your employee’s experience at work.

Employee Commute Survey: The MPBG coordinates an annual employee commute survey.  We measure how many employees use commute options, as well as capture their attitudes regarding commute choices.  The results may be used to comply with local development agreements with the City of Sunnyvale.

Emergency Response and Recovery: The MPBG coordinates a group of safety and security personnel, from various businesses in the Moffett Park area, to share best practices, develop relationships between businesses and OES personnel, and develop mutual agreements.

Become a Member

Membership fees are based on headcount. If you are a developer, you pay a flat fee prior to occupancy.

For more information contact:
Executive Director – Kerry Haywood
Phone: 408.742.6008