Due to Poor Air Quality Tour de Moffett is Rescheduled

We are all adjusting to the changes in our work lives. For many this means that we have had to look for new ways to stay connected. One fun way is the Moffett Park Business Group’s annual Tour de Moffett Park!

We were able to keep this year’s Tour de Moffett Park celebration on the books even if we’ve had to make some changes to ensure your safety during these pandemic times. With that in mind, and in partnership with our member sponsor, Google, we’ve made a few changes to Tour de Moffett Park:

We’ve gone Virtual!

Our mission remains the same: inspire you to ditch the car and move your body.

We’ve set it up that you can join our mission by riding, walking or running from anywhere, anytime, between August 27 to August 30 this year. Pick your mode and your minimum distance.

  • Walk/run 5k
  • Walk/run 10k
  • Cycle 5mi
  • Cycle 10mi

No need to pre-register. Instead submit your results and all your information starting October 1 to the end of the day on October 4 to qualify for the raffle drawing on  October 6.

For more information link here.