Transportation agencies in the Bay Area are working with the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee to guide and assist guests to our region. Close to 1 million visitors will be in the San Francisco/San Jose Metro Area before, during and after February 7, 2016.

How is your company preparing for this event, which is expected to impact traffic throughout the Bay Area? As a Manager, are you encouraging your workforce to use alternative commutes modes (e.g., public transit, shuttles, vanpool, carpool, bicycling or walking)?

Does your company offer telework or flexible schedules as viable options for certain personnel? Even if only temporary, such arrangements could ease traffic congestion during peak commute times. For information about Telework and Flex Schedules, click here.

Now is the time to RETHINK the commute of your employees during Super Bowl 50.

Here are some online resources to assist you and your workforce in GETTING AROUND:

  •  one-stop phone and web source for up-to-the-minute Bay Area traffic
  •  19 commuter shuttles in San Mateo County
  • Caltrain:  commuter rail service from San Francisco to San Jose, with limited commute service to Gilroy; commuter shuttles provide first and last mile connections.
  • Samtrans:  bus service in San Mateo County; free commuter shuttles from BART stations and community shuttles in San Mateo County
  • BART regional commuter rail system that connects downtown San Francisco with the East Bay and the Peninsula
  • Super Bowl 50 Host Committee:  transportation page links to major public transit agencies in the Bay Area