Moffett Park Business Group is a partner with Joint Venture’s SEEDZ projects.  Joint Venture’s ”Smart Energy Enterprise Development Zone” (SEEDZ) initiative unites local energy customers, solution providers, municipalities, institutions and utility interests in building the smart energy network of the future – characterized by the highest levels of power reliability, quality, affordability and sustainability.  The various projects that roll under the SEEDZ umbrella include:

  • Grid Infrastructure
  • Electric Transport
  • Distributed Generation
  • Incentives and Financing
  • Interoperability standards
  • Demand Programs
  • Integrated Buidling Systems
  • Storage and Backup

Moffett Park Business Group is active with the grid infrastructure project.  We are a charter member of the Quality Portal Project.   The system will collect event data from instrumentation at member sites, as well as provide an opportunity for members to input on  business impacts.  Our members will benefit with an immediate view of recent incidents in the area. They will also see plots of incidents over time versus various power quality standards such as CBEMA-ITIC or P1668, and on a geographic overlay and have access to root cause information when determined.  Our goals aim to facilitate improved power quality and resiliency in the area, incorporate leading smart grid power quality standards, and enable the zone to serve as a model and test bed for grid integration of distributed generation, electric vehicles, and advanced industrial uses.