City Council has completed their 2010 Study Issues/Budget Issues Workshop. These rankings will become the priority list of issues Council will study through the current year.

For many years the City’s study issues process has provided both City Council and City staff with a valuable planning and management tool. Through this process, Council sets priorities for studying policy issues. The process also allows staff to balance the work required to thoroughly “study” an issue with the work required to deliver ongoing City services.

The top ranked study issues that are of interest to the MPBTA are:

Reliable Electrical Power Options – The study issue would consider options to provide a better, more reliable power system in the City of Sunnyvale.

Impacts of Traffic Calming Devices on Cyclists – The study issue will review impacts of the different calming devices on cyclists, as well as recommend design and operational alterations to establish traffic calming devices that are more bicyclist friendly.