The Sunnyvale East and West Channels flood protection project will provide 100-year riverine flood protection to 1,618 homes and 47 acres of industrial and government lands, saving potential flood damages in excess of $44 million.

The project scope includes:

  • Updating the 9.5 mile Sunnyvale East and West Channels with flood protection measures such as flood walls, levee and maintenance road improvements, bridge/culvert modifications and sediment removal.
  • Providing erosion control measures, such as repairing and stabilizing several channel bank sections that are unstable and actively eroding, to decrease sediment and turbidity in the channels thereby improving water quality.
  • Providing for the opportunity for recreation enhancements by accommodating the City of Sunnyvale’s trail plan.
  • Revising the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood hazard maps (upon completion of the project) to reflect 100-year flood protection along the improved channels to eliminate the requirements for flood insurance in this community.

Download project fact sheet (PDF)

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