City of Sunnyvale Measure B and District-Based Elections

Measure B will be on the City of Sunnyvale ballot March 3, 2020. The measure proposes amending Sunnyvale’s city charter at-large city council, election system to a six-district system. Under the district system a voter will elect a council member for his/her district and directly elect a mayor that represents all Sunnyvale voters.

If passed all Sunnyvale voters will vote directly for a mayor in a citywide election every four years beginning November 2020. For council members, the even-numbered districts would vote for their council member starting November 2020. The odd-numbered districts would see their first council member election November 2022.

Term limits would change from two consecutive four-year terms to either

  1. two four-year terms as a councilmember and one four four-year term as Mayor, or
  2. one four-year term as a councilmember and two four-year terms as mayor.

Take the short District Elections survey to see the preferred maps, tell the City what you like or don’t like about them, and pick which ones you’d support. Submit your responses by Friday, November 1. For questions and more information, visit

Why the 2020 Census Matters to Business

The 2020 Census starts April 1st. While the census has not even started yet, it is already facing a number of issues, such as a limited budget from the federal government and low levels of trust in government itself.

Why concern yourself with the 2020 Census? Each uncounted person equals an equivalent loss of $2,000 annually. While $2,000 may not sound like much California undercounted 2.74% population (roughly 835,000 people) in 2010. The result was one fewer seat in Congress and an estimated lost of $200 million annually in federal funds or about $2 billion dollars over the decade. These funds could have been channeled to high priority issues such as transportation, housing and education.

To meet these challenges, California is spending $187 million reach its populace. It has developed a variety of strategies from a statewide public service announcement to regional community strategies. Businesses can .

Bordeaux Drive Safety and Connectivity Improvements

Google is working with the City of Sunnyvale to improve safety and connectivity along Bordeaux Drive. Work and improvements from the project include:

  • Slurry seal
  • Removal of off-street parking on Bordeaux Drive between Java Drive and Caribbean Drive
  • Buffered bike lanes
  • Sidewalk on both sides
  • Travel lanes reduced by 1 foot to provide more space to bike lanes

The project timeline is estimated to start late October and end of December of this year.

Mathilda Avenue Project Update

Construction is continuing along Mathilda Avenue.

Moffett Park Drive between Mathilda Avenue and Bordeaux Drive has been closed to thru traffic and the westbound 237 off-ramp has been realigned to this location.

Southbound US 101 Mathilda Ave off-ramp is on schedule to open at the end of October. This change will allow traffic to come off of SB US 101 to turn either south or north onto Mathilda Avenue. Final work and deadline rely on PG&E to complete the connectivity of the signal light. Once done, the change-over will take place in the early hours.

The Mathilda Avenue/Moffett Park/WB 237 temporary traffic signal is being worked on and additionally the Mathilda/237 interchange area will be retimed to improve operations.