After almost 2 years of waiting, the Bay Trail between Mountain View and Sunnyvale opened to the public in September.  The Bay Trail covers over 500-miles of shore with plans to connect all nine Bay Area counties, link 47 cities, and cross the major toll bridges.  Approximately 290 miles of the trail have been completed, with the section behind NASA/Ames added to that number.

For the last 2 years, the section that runs behind NASA/Ames and Moffett Field, has been under development.   After environmental concerns were addressed for the natural habitat, the organizations, connected to the land, had processes of their own to access of the land.  Now that clearance has been given, bicyclists and pedestrians are able to continue from Moutain View Shoreline area into the Baylands area of Sunnyvale.  This provides a great opportunity for bike commuters to safely move between the lower Peninsula and South Bay and for recreationalists to enjoy the amazing shoreline.